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judge a book by its cover

judge a book

Topping more than two millions views, Crossett Library's "Judge a Book by the Cover" Flickr set, curated by director of library and information services Oceana Wilson, is wildly attractive to book lovers, artists, and designers. The collection, which has developed over the years, showcases seminal book cover designs included in Crossett's stacks, as well as covers and interiors Wilson serendipitously encounters. 



it's a seismograph

allen shawn spread

 Composer, author, pianist, and teacher Allen Shawn published his fourth book and second biography--Leonard Bernstein: An American Musician. He has previously published Arnold Schoenberg’s Journey, Twin: A Memoir, and Wish I Could Be There: Notes from a Phobic Life. Whether on assignment or propelled by an internal need to share his story, Shawn describes the act of writing as his own “attempt to mediate between something difficult and an audience.” But, despite having written two very different and difficult memoirs, he says if you want to really know him, listen to his music.

what millenials want from work

holly mccormmack

Career development and work integrated learning expert, Holly McCormack discusses how Millennials are changing the landscape of education and work for themselves and their parent's too.

an andy abstract

Abstract artist and retired Bennington College faculty member on starting out, how to spot an artist, and reinventing work. 

on a deep level

anderegg assignment

"I give assignments to make sure that students are integrating on a deep level. It’s easy to learn concepts superficially, to get familiar with the terminology and to speak in terminology. When I assign something to the class, I’m looking to see if students are able to grasp a concept, if they understand its range and limits, what it means and what it doesn’t mean, and if they are able to apply the concept." Faculty member and psychology expert, David Anderegg talks about why assignments and participation are essential.