the bennington magazine

I am the contract editor and art director of the Bennington magazine. I set the editorial tone and policies; design audience and editorial strategies; develop thematic issues; draft the table of contents; write stories; assign, develop, and edit all stories; direct design and pagination; and serve as the magazine's chief photographer. In 2018, I re-imagined and redesigned the alumni magazine. Rather than themes, each issue is guided by a question alumni are invited to respond to. All features are edited alumni submissions. Alumni notes were redesigned to be organized by content rather than class year, and are much more prominently featured in issues. I also added a National Reviews department at the front of the book, featuring alumni, student, faculty and staff work being reviewed in major national and international media outlets. The redesign was completed in less than six months. It was received with enthusiasm and wide support from alumni and exceeding preliminary expectations of success. Bennington is the first institution in the country to have their alumni magazine guided by a question and authored almost exclusively by alumni contributors.


what didn’t exist before you made it?

This was the inaugural issue of a complete redesign and reimagining of the alumni magazine. The issue feature well was authored entirely by alumni responses to the magazine’s question; a new National Review department was established at the front of the book; and the notes section was redesigned to be organized by content rather than class year. For this reason, we also added an alumni index.



The partnerships and networks supporting a Bennington education


the commons issue

A full issue dive into the history and future of Bennington’s Commons building.


In & About Town

An issue that explores the College’s connection and influence on the town of Bennington and the state of Vermont.


The Liz Issue

Celebrating 25 years of transformative leadership


Curricular innovation

Surveying curricular innovation at Bennington


From the Outside, In

An issue featuring change making from the outside in


The Future Issue

Exploring the future and the making of futures


Defying Convention

Welcoming Bennington’s 10th President