the brand magazine

As editor and creative director of Bennington's flagship magazine, I broadened readership, attracted top writers, developed Bennington's core narratives, advanced the College's position with target audiences, and expanded institutional philanthropy. As the College's contract editor and creative director, I set the editorial tone and policies; design audience and editorial strategies; develop thematic issues; draft the table of contents; assign, develop, and edit all stories; direct design and pagination; and serve as the magazine's chief photographer. In 2016, I developed the College's first online magazine, an augmented digital edition to the semi-annual print publication.


creating The Future 

The business of creating the future is in the work we do today. This issue features the work on and off campus that serves as tomorrow's platform. 

the liz issue

Celebrating 25 years of transformative, bold, courageous leadership

curricular innovation

An inside look and on the ground report of curricular innovation initiatives at Bennington

Briee Della Rocca | Branding

a second look

Returning to the established, the familiar with new lenses. An issue on looking again.

everyone you need is here

Preparing for an all class reunion, a plunge into the fabric that makes up a Bennington network.

defying convention

An issue that takes a sharp look at conventions and Bennington's long history of defying them. 

the making of bennington's 10th

From advisor to homeland security leaders to the nation's biggest university to president herself.

a reciprocal affair

Reciprocity as an embedded educational concept and a way of working.